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MIKS Coin Flow

MIKS is a blockchain-based cashless, borderless, peer-to-peer technology for overseas remittance, fintech, travel and entertainment.

MIKS Platform Layers

MIKS Coin is on track to be the world’s most secure and fastest overseas remittance technology with the lowest fees through our cutting edge four-layer platform.


Personal wallet for secure, anonymous platform transactions and remittances

Harseq Exchange

Exchange cryptocurrency or Fiat for MIKS Coin on the Harseq exchange


Proprietary technology ecosystem with encrypted transaction history


Immutable, decentralized public transaction ledger

Harseq: The new standard in digital exchange

MIKS Coin leverages Harseq Exchange which implements cryptocurrency and fiat services with air-tight security, 100+ X leverage and low transaction fees.


Support for robust transactions between MIKS Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether pairs, and all legal tender fiat

Instant Transactions

Built on Ethereum’s leading ERC 20 technical standard, MIKS Coin offers lightning fast settlement processing speed, with infinite scalability.

World Class Security

SSL encrypted communication,
Offline asset management with cold storage, Segregation of customer funds, and Two-factor authentication

Powerful Features

Support for airdrop, generous affiliate commission of 45%, transaction fee incentives, bonus campaigns and automatic dividend payouts

Harseq Exchange Flow

Easily exchange crypto or fiat for MIKS Coin (“On-Ramp”) and vice versa (“Off-Ramp”)..

Payments for Everyone

Wherever you are, and whether you have a bank account or credit card or not, anyone can make cashless payments using an eWallet or cash payment at a local bank or convenience store.

Overseas Remittance

MIKS Coin facilitates remittance between overseas foreign workers and their family back home, with its powerful blockchain payment system which completely cuts out all banks, middlemen and intermediaries.

Overseas Remittance Flow

Overseas Workers

Say goodbye to outrageous transaction fees and long waiting periods. With MIKS Coin, workers overseas can instantly send money back home and their families receive it right away, with no bank and no hassle.


Immediate Target Market

MIKS Platform will help Philippines and Bangladesh overseas workers send money back home.


Philippines Platform

Discounts on flights, Hotels, travel packages and more when paying with MIKS Coin

"MIKS Partners" - Select hotels, stores, and restaurants, offer special promotions when paying with MIKS coin

Traffic to MIKS Partners brings exposure to high spending overseas clients

Customers never need worry about carrying cash again!

Global Interoperability

MIKS Coin is designed to be cross-platform compatible between the Philippines platform and our upcoming Brazilian platform.


Online and real world casino gaming with MIKS Coin: Instant deposits and payouts, and no need to carry cash or cards. 


MIKS Coin & Exchange Debit card for easy travel booking, foreign exchange and shopping with discounts and incentives.

Content Creators

Platform for travel YouTubers, live streamers and animators where they share content and get rewarded in MIKS Coin.


The MIKS platform will help support talented animators and serve as a conduit to distribute their content to the world.


Goals and Progress: The MIKS project is dedicated to accomplishing each milestone.


Concept Development



Team Building



System Development






White Paper Formulation



Listing on Coineal Exchange

February 2020


Estonia Exchange License

March 2020


Launch Harseq Exchange Plus

April 2020


Listing on Harseq Exchange Plus

May 2020


Financial Services Providers

January 2021


Open Online Gaming Web

February 2021


100 Million Users (2% Share)

December 2021


Shopping Malls Settlement

January 2022


300 Million Users (5% Share)

December 2022


1 Billion Users (10% Share)

December 2023

Latest News

Coineal Will List MIKS (MIKS COIN) on Feb. 29, 2020

Coineal officially announced. MIKS COIN will be listed on Coineal. The following is information from Coineal. Dear users: Hello! We are excited to announce that MIKS (MIKS COIN) will be listed on Coineal. Deposit and withdrawal will be available from 10:00 Feb. 28....

Coineal will conduct the pre-sale in advance starting on February 17

On this occasion, it has been officially decided that MIKS coins issued by the HARSEQ exchange will begin trading at the cryptocurrency exchange Coineal based in the Republic of Seychelles. The listing date will be announced at a later date, but Coineal will conduct...

HARSEQ Inc. System Maintenance

The HARSEQ to be listed has started system maintenance. Maintain a system for system linkage with CEZA and connection with MiksCoin. http://harseq.com

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