Coineal officially announced.
MIKS COIN will be listed on Coineal.
The following is information from Coineal.

Dear users:


We are excited to announce that MIKS (MIKS COIN) will be listed on Coineal.
Deposit and withdrawal will be available from 10:00 Feb. 28. MIKS/USDT trading will be available from 10:00 Feb. 29 (UTC).

/ Project Introduction /

1. Contribute to Philippine economic growth by utilizing the characteristics of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone

2. Overseas remittance support project to overseas Filipino workers (OFW)

3. The company has been promoting the use of virtual currency in living infrastructure and shopping malls, as well as in the entertainment business, including online casinos and store type casinos.

4.・ HARSEQ (licensed in the Philippines)

・ HARSEQ Exchange Plus (Licensing in Estonia)

Exchange token, and it is also possible to obtain distribution of exchange profit.

/ Token Info /

Total supply: 5,000,000,000

/ Common Links /

Official website:

Coineal Announcement