On this occasion, it has been officially decided that MIKS coins issued by the HARSEQ exchange will begin trading at the cryptocurrency exchange Coineal based in the Republic of Seychelles. The listing date will be announced at a later date, but Coineal will conduct the pre-sale in advance starting on February 17.

/ MIKS pre-sale event /
Session 1
Time: February 17, 10:00 – February 19, 10:00 (UTC) Session supply: 150,000,000
Price: 0.12 USD (about 13 yen)

Session 2
Time: February 21, 10:00 – February 23, 10:00 (UTC) Session supply: 150,000,000
Price: 0.13 USD (about 14 yen)

The environment surrounding cryptocurrency has changed significantly, so we first listed on Coineal.
We will continue to list MIKS coin on multiple global cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as advance the grand opening of HARSEQ exchange!

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