What is MiksCoin

MIKS Coin project overview

MIKS Coin project is outgoing from the Philippines where economy grows remarkably. The basic principle is to enrich the lives of Philippine residents both at home and abroad, which contributes to the economic development of the Philippines, and further to the development of the Asian economy. In order to lead sustainable growth not only in the Philippine economy but also in the Asian economy, MIKS coin get first listed on the exchange in CEZA (the Cagayan special economic zone and freeport), the Philippines. The influential from political and financial sectors in the Philippine gets engaged in the distribution and acknowledgement of MIKS coins. We will continue promoting a chain of measures to circulate the coins. Funds procured by MIKS Coin project is invested in a variety of projects mainly in the Philippines, which are interlinked organically with MIKS Coin project.


What makes us really stand out from the grand majority of other bookies is the fact that we offer cryptocurrency payments with MIKS coin interchangeable to major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin – both for betting and payments (deposits and withdrawals). ONLY a few out of the TOP 100 bookmakers provide this option at the moment. Indeed, the gaming supports some residents as income resources In Philippines. Some family remit part of salary as gaming fund from overseas. Additionally, thanks to the funding through the cloudsale, we will add all major cryptocurrencies as betting options and payment methods, which will make us really stand out in the online gaming industry. In addition, we will extend to the entire entertainment industries such as flight, hotels, and shopping malls